Our Journey

The idea of Griseo came about around 2 years ago, when we, Rhea and Sarah; the co-founders of this organisation, realised that we had a common passion for diminishing the stigma around mental health. Griseo has been through many different versions before arriving at its current state.

It started merely as an anonymous platform meant for people who needed a way to express themselves without being judged. Throughout high school, both of us noticed that almost everyone had their own worries they wanted to voice out, but didn't know who to approach, and how to express themselves. This is why we wanted to create a means for these people to reach out for help and be able to talk to others facing the same issues.

We then expanded it to a website, where we would include basic information about prevalent mental illnesses and other relevant information. This essentially formed the base for Griseo. We then understood that not everybody would be comfortable with a public platform, and this paved the way for the idea of a chatbot. This chatbot would fundamentally be an AI companion and would provide support and information to help the user lessen their worries. It is important to note that this is not a substitute for professional help, but merely a supplement.

For now, we are launching a forum and are working with a friend to develop an app for managing stress. The chatbot is our goal but it will take some more time and experience to get there. 

Read more to find out more about each one of us and our motivations:


Rhea Rangarajan


“A couple of years ago, something happened that shattered my perception of the world. The whole utopian idea that I had built of the world plummeted. I understood the gravity of the impact of your mental state on you and everything around you. This drove me to educate myself about mental health and raise awareness about the same. I was then diagnosed with depression and anxiety, which gave me direct insight into this topic that I was already very passionate about.

After meeting Sarah, I found out that, although it is difficult, it is greatly beneficial to find someone who you can confide in. I wanted everyone going through a similar experience to find their Sarah (not mine though). I then, with Sarah, began the process of creating this organisation to help others in need of an outlet.”


Sarah Samad


“Although I have not had the first-hand experience of a mental disorder, and don’t actually know what it feels like, I have interacted with many people that do. I have personally seen the effect of these illnesses on people that I care about, and I know that it is something that must not be taken lightly. But, I have also seen people who are ignorant and insensitive towards this extremely serious topic.

After meeting Rhea, I gained a new insight into this topic that I was very passionate about, and I knew that I wanted to make an impact and make a change. Mental health is something that is greatly overlooked, and although this topic has been brought into light recently, I do believe that it deserves more focus, and it needs to change. I then, with Rhea, began the process of creating this organisation to change the way mental health is perceived and diminish the stigma.”